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Michael Hoppen Gallery

Here we have beautiful photos not just for some of the subject's aesthetics, a simple nude or a pink flamingo but the medium itself, the daguerreotype. The chemical texture itself is far superior to a common C-print. It goes without saying that without a negative, every photograph remains unique. The negative was invented by Henri Fox Talbott.

The exhibition presents old daguerreotypes as well as contemporary takes on the medium.

Richard Learoyd's nudes,taken with the help of a camera oscura the size of a room and a strobe light, seem from another time period. or maybe it's because we're so used to digital and iphone cameras, anything with an instant result. The mood is romantic, a woman's long hair in a simple interior. The mood is slightly dark, the model's gaze distant.

Adam Fuss has created the biggest daguerreotype which shows stretched clouds.