S'il y a lieu je pars avec vous - Le Bal

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A group exhibition, project commissioned to 5 photographers: Sophie Calle, Julien Magre, Antoine d'Agata, Stéphane Couturier, Alain Bublex.

The theme of the exhibition is a trip and in particular, road trips. Not the road trip in the Kerouac fun exciting sense but all those long car rides on highways. Time passing by, the highway itself, a non descript place. Julien Magre's whose photos depict intimate portraits of his two daughters and wife mentions in his statement how we always remember the trip, if we had a good time or felt sick in the car but rarely do we think of that in between place, the highway itself.

It is in that vein that Sophie Calle appropriated and humanized a highway. The mundane signs that indicate speed or basic information boards are literally calling out to the driver "Voulez vous me parler" says a sign next to a highway toll or the invitation "Faites moi voyager et je vous offre le peage".

All five photographers took over the highways in different locations but highways remain true to themselves, indistinguishable. Antoine d'Agata chronicles the highway and "aire de repos" at night between Paris and Marseille but these night scenes could take place anywhere.

Stephane Couturier dissected the image of the countryside. Mosaic pieces of landscape that can be put back together as if in a puzzle.