Dirk Braeckman- Sans mobile apparent-Le Bal

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I came into this exhibition for a different reason. I always find a reason to go to "Le Bal" (especially for the food.) So I was heading downstairs to a talk, " Conversation with Daniel Blaufuks, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin and Ethan Levitas" on found-images and was struck by these dark panels. I didn't see them as photographs. The large panel on the first floor looks like it could have been drawn with charcoal. The photographs are almost black and their texture make one reflect on darkness.

After the talk, I read the descriptive panel which was not very clear to me. In his own words Dirk Braeckman "Photography is, for me, an almost obsessive attempt to scan, in my own way, everything around me, everything I meet, driven by the desire to give order to chaos. With or without a camera.”

I wonder, in this series at least, if that is how he looks at life?

as if looking through a gauze.