Qu'est ce que la photographie? -Beaubourg

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This exhibition asks the simple or not so simple question "What is photography" but leaving the gallery I got the sense that the artists presented showed predominently works about mise en abime. For example, Robert Morris's box with a photo of a door on the cover and the photo of the door inside the box. In Jochen Gerz's film we see the artist standing in front of a photograph of him inviting passers by to question which is more real. The first photograph of the exhibition by the Dutch photographer Paul Citroen has the most intriguing features. In a dark theatre room, we see a a man's back as he is peering through his spectacles toward a screen or a stage. 

Michel Campeau presents two photos as part of a series he has undertaken on film labs and that are soon to be cast aside.

The photograph I liked the most was a photo by James Welling photographing gelatin.