Salt and Silver- Tate Britain

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This small exhibitions looks at the earliest salt photographs (1840-1860) which originated in Britain. Most of them are by famous photographers from Talbot to Nadar. Salted paper prints were invented by William Henry Fox Talbott in 1839. It's the very first form of paper photography. The light sensitive paper is covered in silver salts. I don't know if it's due to their fragility but the medium died out by the 1860's. Daguerre, who was contemporary to Talbott created daguerreotypes which have a shinier effect.

Discovered that the first successful studio was in Edinburgh.

I particularly enjoyed a photo of a "cantiniere" by Roger Fenton. He went around the soldier's camp and without any set studio took portraits. A portrait of a weary young Captain who looked much older than 23 kept my attention as he looked fatigued and thunderstruck.

Robert Adamson's portrait of Newhaven fishermen's quite appealing in the men's natural pose and humanity.