Le Sel de la Terre- Wim Wenders Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

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A documentary that looks at Sebastiao Salgado's entire photographic career. Everything starts, for Salgado the photographer, with the countryside in Brazil where he grew up. His father's farm dried up then years and years later after planting 2.5 million trees Salgado's forest came back to life. The project for the savior of this region happened when Sebastiao Salgado came back from reporting the human atrocities of Rwanda, Congo. Hopeless after seeing innumerable deaths before his eyes, his last project "Genesis"

Although he is a keen explorer his roots and identity lay in Brazil's soil.

Throughout the documentary, we see the black and white photos that for the most part we've seen before but what makes it special is Sebastao's voice (with its accent) describing his experiences traveling to the far reaches of the world. As spectators we see the photographer and Sebastiao's face fading in and out talking about the photo. Wim Wenders, invisible except the shots of both them looking through his archives in his studio.

The idea of the film originated when his son, around thirty years old, decided to follow his father on trips to get to know him better. Wim Wenders, a passionate photographer and collector joined the team. Wim Wenders discovered Salgado's work in New York where he bought one of his portraits, a blind Touareg woman from 1984. The exhibition at Polka gallery rue Saint-Gilles shows most photos one has seen in the film, the exhibition being curated by Wim Wenders as well, but with Wenders personal comments.