A Polite Fiction-Taryn Simon

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Working like a futuristic archeologist Taryn Simon reveals what lies inside Frank Gehry's structure, the materials, plaster, concrete,stone participate with the workers testimonies. If during your visit, you looked around in amazement and wondered what the walls, stairs, ramps were made of, Simon's project gives you the answer. And more.

A Portuguese worker draws a goat repeatedly. Another has a crush on someone on the construction site. One purposefully leaves a cigarette behind for someone passing by to smoke it. A prayer so that there will be no fights on site. A man amused by a misspelling "Luis Vuitton". A drawing of a penis.

After all the press and hype around the LVMH building ending the visit with these personal footprints gave the Fondation Louis Vuitton a very sympathetic human side. It has been a lot about Frank Gehry and this in a way is a tribute to those who built his creation with their hands.